Bahrain, Kingdom of

Notification Status

Rate of implementation commitments

61.3% rate of implementation commitments to date across categories
30.3% rate of implementation commitments from February 2019 to February 2023 without capacity building support
8.4% rate of implementation commitments from February 2020 to February 2022 upon receipt of capacity building support

Notification of indicative and definitive dates for implementation

Category B Category C
Notified indicative dates Yes Yes
Notified definitive dates Yes Yes

Notification of technical assistance required

Category C
Notified technical assistance required Yes

Category C analysis

Bahrain, Kingdom of has requested assistance and support for capacity building for a total number of 2 measures. View Information

Notifications and other documents

Symbol Date Received Description
G/TFA/N/BHR/1 2018-03-02 Categories A, B and C notification   EN   FR   ES
WT/PCTF/N/BHR/1 2015-11-24 Category A notification   EN   FR   ES