Notification Status

Rate of implementation commitments

94.6% rate of implementation commitments today
5.4% rate of implementation commitments by February 2020 without capacity building support

Ratified on the 4 September 2015

Notification records in excel

Publication of information for governments and traders

Art. 10.4.3

Operation of the single window

Art. 10.6.2

Use of customs brokers

Art. 12.2

Contact points for the exchance of information


Symbol Date Received Description
G/TFA/N/CHN/Add.2 2018-02-14 Category B notification - Addendum
G/TFA/N/CHN/1/Add.1 2017-11-24 Category A & B notification - Addendum
G/TFA/N/CHN/2 2017-11-01 Art. 1.4
G/TFA/N/CHN/1 2017-06-06 Category B notification
WT/PCTF/N/CHN/1 2014-07-01 Category A notification