Notification Status

Rate of implementation commitments

39.9% rate of implementation commitments to date across categories
4.6% rate of implementation commitments by December 2020 without capacity building support
55.5% rate of implementation commitments from December 2021 to December 2024 upon receipt of capacity building support

Has not presented the instrument of ratification

Notification of indicative and definitive dates for implementation

Category B Category C
Notified indicative dates Yes Yes
Notified definitive dates No No

Notification of technical assistance required

Category C
Notified technical assistance required Yes

Category C analysis

Mauritania has requested assistance and support for capacity building for a total number of 23 measures. View Information

Notifications and other documents

Symbol Date Received Description
G/TFA/N/MRT/1 2019-04-26 Category A, B and C Notifications   EN   FR   ES