Notifications presented under the Trade Facilitation Agreement

Implementation notifications

Developing and LDC Members can request more time and capacity building support to implement the Agreement. To benefit from these flexibilities, they must designate all measures into categories A, B and/or C which have different implementation timings.


Transparency notifications

These notifications refer to the publication of information for governments and traders on:  import, export and transit procedures (Art. 1.4);  operation of the single window (Art. 10.4.3);  use of customs brokers (Art. 10.6.2) and contact points for the exchange of customs information (Art. 12.2.2).  


Information on assistance and capacity building

These notifications refer to the information on the assistance and support for capacity building provided by Donor Members (Art. 22.1), the process and mechanisms to request assistance (Art. 22.2), and contact points of developing and LDC Members seeking TACB support (Art. 22.3)