Art. 1.4 - Enquiry points

Namibia Revenue Agency (NAMRA)

Office of the Commissioner: Customs & Excise


Art. 12.2 - Contact points for customs cooperation

Office of the Commissioner: Customs & Excise

Namibia Revenue Agency (NAMRA)

All the official correspondence must be addressed to the Office of the Commissioner


Art. 22.3 - Contact points for coordinating capacity building support

Roberth SIMON

Senior Policy Analyst: Trade & Investment

Namibia Trade Forum

Namibia Trade Forum House
15 Eugene Marais Street, Eros
P.O. Box 5342 Ausspanplatz

+264 61 235327

+264 0886560042


Deputy Director – Trade Facilitation Division

NAMRA/Namibia Customs

Ministry of Finance Headquarters

+264 61 2092091

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