Operation of the single window

The Rwanda Electronic Single Window (ReSW), was introduced in 2012 and has been a major force leading to facilitating international trade. Clearance times have been reduced, and both direct and indirect costs connected with international trade have been reduced as processes were re-engineered and simplified. The ReSW provides a system that allows for the submission of a single declaration containing all information required by the various agencies responsible for controlling trade into and out of Rwanda and enables these agencies to inform traders and their representatives of the progress of the release process. The Electronic Single Window in Rwanda now uses ASYCUDA World which is a combination of customs management system and integrated border management system.

The ReSW underwent a systematic evaluation in early 2015 as to its relevancy, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. Implementation of e-certificate of origin, e-exemption and integrated inspection services also enabled to further save time and cost on traders' side.

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