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Recurso a agentes de aduanas

Measures on the use of customs brokers:

The common customs law of the GCC States article 110 states the following:

Declaration of the goods at the customs office and the completion of their customs procedures, whether for importation, exportation or transit, shall be accepted from:

1. The owners of the goods or their authorized representatives satisfying the requirements prescribed by the director general including the authorization conditions.
2. Licensed customs brokers.

Unified Customs Regulation of the GCC, Rules of Implementation, and Explanatory Notes thereof

Bahrain E-Government Portal for Customs Brokers Licensing!ut/p/a1/jdBND4IwDAbg3-KBK618yPQ20AiiwY-guItBg1ODzEwUf76Tm4miva153rQdMEiAFen9yNPyKIo0f71ZZ0PI0GsbxBhFg7mNdLKcTdsLRAwdBdYK2MTw_PAFTEsBK5y5ceSbGOF_eW9IfcsZq5ZFDAz6rt93uhPEoPNfHr8U_Tl_kUpYAatZ0xU1aFqzBg17jIDxXGzrP13TYmsSDkxm-0xmUr9J1T6U5eXa01DDqqp0LgTPM30nzhp-ihzEtYTkXcLlHMfJIzjZ-X1Maav1BN4MxKQ!/dl5/d5/L0lHSkovd0RNQUprQUVnQSEhLzRKU0UvZW4!/

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