Operation of the single window

The Brazilian National Single Window – Siscomex – was established by the Presidential Decree n. 660/1992, as emended by the Presidential Decree n. 8229/2014. It is available for registered traders and custom brokers at the website, by the use of digital certificates. The Single Window is managed by a Committee composed by the Vice-Ministry of Finances; the Vice Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services; the Secretary of Federal Revenue and Customs; and the Secretary of Foreign Trade. There are 22 participating agencies at the single window. All regulation that impose to traders' restrictions, formalities or requirements regarding imports and exports should be enforced through the single window. The single window allows for all information required from importers and exporters by the participating agencies to be submitted electronically. When additional trade documents are required, the system allows for the submission of digital copies, with digital signatures.

The original Siscomex began to function for exports in 1993 and for imports in 1997. Since 2014, the system is being redeveloped to cope with the current demands of traders and participating agencies in order to improve import and export process flows, compliance and transparency. The new single window for exports was fully implemented in July 2018. The new system for imports is currently under development.

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