How do we calculate the rate of implementation commitments?

Rate of implementation commitments

The current and future rate of implementation commitments figures are based on implementation commitments by:

  • Developed Members who have committed to implement the Agreement upon entry into force, that is by 22/02/2017; and
  • developing and LDC Members who have committed to set their own timetable for implementation in their categories A, B and C notifications:
    • Developing Members have committed to implement their category A designations by 22/02/2017 and LDCs by 22/02/2018
    • For Categories B and C commitments of both developing and LDCs, the database takes into account definitive dates for implementation when these have been notified, otherwise, it considers indicative dates. If no dates have been notified, then this particular article item will be counted as implementation commitment date "unknown".

Collectively, these commitments provide a roadmap of when the TFA can be expected to be fully implemented by the entire membership.

Methodology used for calculations

Section I of the TFA is set out in 12 articles which contain 36 measures and a total number of 238 notifiable article items. 

The percentage of implementation commitments is therefore calculated as the count of each of those 238 article items according to each category and implementation dates notified by the Member.