Fonctionnement du guichet unique

Kenya's Single Window is known as Kenya TradeNet System and was launched in May 2014 during the regional heads of state summit held in Nairobi, Kenya's capital. The system is module based (25 modules implemented) and brings together 48 stakeholder organizations (41 Partner Government Agencies (PGAs)) whose cargo clearance documentations have been automated through system integrations or interfaces with the Single Window and 6 Industry Associations). As of June 30, 2021 there were over 15,000 active registered users from 8,037 active organizations. This includes: 36 Banks, 38 Insurance Companies, 1,529 Clearing Agents, 6,260 Traders, 46 Shipping Agents and Shipping Companies, 8 Couriers, 29 Container Freight Stations and 5 Cargo Handling Companies, and 43 Freight Forwarders.

Implementation of the system has increased automation of Partner Government Agencies processes from a pre-Single Window level of 14% to the current level of 92%; resulting in over 3,365,919 permits issued by PGAs through the system - yield of approximately Kshs.3.44 billion worth of revenue for PGAs.

The Kenya TradeNet System is also linked to financial institutions (banks and mobile payment solutions) through Kenya Revenue Authority's (KRA) iTax System and the Government's eCitizen online payment platform and therefore providing an end-to-end electronic cargo documentation platform and a facility for online payment for Government services.

The system also has a Risk Management module which has made it easy for PGAs to target and release cargo and a Cargo Release Module that enables stakeholders to monitor the progress of their documents through a dashboard without visiting or calling any office.

Kenya has also prepared a legislation for the Single Window, known as The National Electronic Single Window System Bill, 2021. The bill is currently before the National Assembly, awaiting approval. Once enacted, the Act will provide a legal framework for strengthening of electronic transactions; for example, the bill will allow for the use of electronic signatures, among other benefits.

Information on the details of the operation of Kenya TradeNet is available at the following link: